Good News from Idaho

Looks like a report has come out indicating that the winter in Idaho has not aversely affected the wine industry there.

Now, let’s be honest, although I’m sure there are a few wineries in Idaho that would disagree vehemently with this statement: this is the first winter that the Idaho wine industry has had to endure.

Let me explain: Precept only recently put a major investment in Idaho as a wine region.  Before that, the wine being produced in Idaho rarely left Idaho, so no one really knew whether or not it was good.

Now, we must recognize that Precept has been very good at a number of things.  One, they are great at brand marketing and development.  Many of their brands have grown, and there have been very few “duds.”  Second, they don’t always seem to think like larger wine companies.  They are willing to take chances, and again, we have seen relative success in this area.

So, last year when they came out and invested a lot of money in Idaho, I was so very intrigued.  I wondered if we (or Precept) had finally found what might be the next “big” wine-producing state, after a long list of states that were once thought to hold this title and not succeeded (think, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, and the list goes on).

Will it be Idaho?  Maybe.  So far, we can say that at the very least, the harsh continental winter did not derail the coming out party.  As usual, I will keep an eye on this and report the findings.

What is next? World class restaurants like The French Laundry?

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